Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Im finally on etsy guys so click the link and have a little look for yourself :)

LACI exhibition

I went to see the LACI exhibition today, im really happy with how my work has been displayed. Some amazing work from other graduates in the north west!
Ill pop in again and take some pictures for you guys to see :)

Im also setting up an etsy page today to sell my new batch of fascinators, so fingers crossed i sell some fror christmas.

We bought our first christmas tree today, im very excited and have decorated it in white silver and gold :) It was very hard to find nice decorations this year also stars or angels for the top were few and far between!

I have some lovely knot wrapped presents under it, along with the usual shiny's from my nanna :)
We have some yummy smelling christmas candles too which im going to steal away to the bathroom soon for a beautiful Lushie bath with No Name bubble bar and Cinders crackling ballistic! Best bath in the world i promise you!

Monday, 7 December 2009

The crafty creations of carriemariah

Here are some lovely fascinators made from reclaimed fabric and odds and sods :) Each one unique in itself.
Currently onsale from PAD Gallery and shop Preston Lancashire

Monday, 23 November 2009

LACI Exhibition

Yes its deadline day today, im handing in my pieces for the LACI exhibition at PAD Gallery in preston!

The preview night is on the 3rd December 6-8pm, i have submitted some new pieces too!!

On a seperate note, im attending THE WAVE in london on the 5th December, joining the move to take action against climate change!! Im so excited to be part of this!!

Pictures of the exhibition to follow :)


Sunday, 8 November 2009

The crafty creations of carriemariah.

Hello hello :)

Im back and have a new collection of bespoke fascinators all lovingly created from reclaimed bits and bobs!

Currently available to buy from...
PAD gallery Preston
Watch out for my etsy page coming soon!!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

final pieces (which i forgot to put on before) :)

Why am i finding it difficult to blog at the moment? ok so im very busy working full time and trying to get creative! its so difficult when you have no deadline or anyone motivating you. I might just hammer on the university doors and beg them to let me back in, or i could just walk in and ask politely to use some of the equipment... hmmm yes better idea!

I saw one of my lecturers yesterday and she said i could pop in anytime which is a weight off my mind, my sculptures and my tiny work space (which is currently also my bathroom.. not nice) do not play well together!
I have a few exhibitions lined up!
6-8th November09, TechnoCentre Coventry

1st- 9th December09, PAD gallery Preston (LACI)
April 2010, Platform gallery Clitheroe(LACI)

Im really excited to be exhibiting, just need to get cracking with some more sculptural sculpting, in the mean time here are the finished results of my project and the pieces that i will be taking to the exhibitions with me and a few others from London.

Friday, 14 August 2009

hello again im back.

Well its been a while since i last blogged. The time just flew by after graduation, its all been a bit of a blur really.

We went to new designers in London, which was exciting, a whole week of exhibiting our work and seeing the work of other students, there were some amazing pieces on show.

Ill be exhibiting again in november i coventry so i have alot of work to do before then.

I dont have alot of time now so ill leave you with this picture of some fascinators i made from reclaimed fabric.

Ill be back soon with some more interesting news bye bye for now x

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Its all over..

Well thats it, i have officially handed in all work and uni is over. Im a little sad but definately relieved to have that project finished.

Our degree shows opens on the 12th june, in the victoria building at the university of central lancashire, at around 4pm for the world to see. It will be open for one week to let the public cast their critical eyes over our 'masterpieces'.... scary....

But what to do now??? Im sick of working boring temporary jobs that zap my creativity, i need to create and design and be free. With the current lack of graduate positions, opportunities are few and far between.

My friend emma and i have Tramps Garden which is a sustainable bag making business and lifestyle, but with lack of funds it will be hard to get going. Plus we would probably have to have another temporary job alongside so we can afford to eat and other important things like that.

The world at the minute is open for us to have a paddle around in and find our depths, its just a bit scary being in the first few days of our graduate lives.

I think ill ponder some more now, ill put the final images of my sculptures up soon for you guys to see

meanwhile.... if you hear of any opportunities for creatives in the north west of england.. think of me :) xxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sculptural sculpting

The final piece in its early but together stages. Still have some things to add and figure out but it seems to be forming well. Iv had some interesting comments abouts its appearence.
1 It looks like a sci fi worm thing
2. It looks like something from a film that eats people.
3. It looks like a childs play tunnel
4. It looks like a shell
I actually like the idea of it devouring someone in the exhibition, made me laugh, i was playing with it today actually and pretended it was eating me. We needed a good laugh.
Hey if you think it looks like something inparticular leave a comment, i love how people see it in so many different ways, none of them have yet related to where the inspiration actually came from. I thinks its evolved way beyond my initial research.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

I see a light...

....at the end of the tunnel, it dim but its there and getting brighter every day.
Its been a productive few weeks, my sculpture is almost finished just have a few loose ends to tie up..(literately).
My lecturer seems happy with what i have achieved so far, she recomended doing a few smaller pieces to exhibit alongside the main body of work, which is all great advice but my poor little hands cant take much more of this abuse.
Slightly concerned about putting my portfolio together in a creative yet proffesional way?
Im going to a vintage customising workshop on wednesday at the harris museum, which should be lots of fun and inspiring, im hoping they will get the big red Vivienne Westwood shoes out so i can try them on :).... doubtfull... but im optimistic!
Hopefully ill be updating the blog more often now things are begining to wind down, ill keep you guys updated and remember, any comments are most appreciated.
ttfn xxx
p.s more pics to come soon!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Blue hands.

The exhibition prep is looming and with less than one teaching week left after the easter hols the pressure is on!
These last few weeks have been tough but everything is slowly starting to make sense. I have dyed and sewn my way through the month and im not stopping yet! Everything is go go go.
Im probably about half way through my final piece, its not perfect but hey.. some of the best ideas come from the worst mistakes...... dont they?
I managed to find time to actually relax yesterday, i did nothing all day and it felt good, im pretty exhausted!
Money is becoming tight and all i seem to do is buy things for my project, maybe i should sell some shoes?

I have a few sample pics to put up this time, i have had a some more ideas from looking at my work through a lense, it kinda makes you see it in many ways instead of just the one.

Ok thats enough for now i think, Jeremy is cooking up a storm tonight so i better get this sewing finished.

Just playing with a few ideas..

Dyed fabric ready for the final piece

Inside a sample piece.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tears and tantrums....

Well i have come to the conclusion that i am unstable, im happy, im sad, im excited, im fed up, im laughing, im crying... iys been an emotional day. I cant handle any more pressure i find myself flying off the handle in one way or another at the smallest things, whats going on? its like someone has stolen me and sent me somewhere to watch this alien creature control my body.... extreme i know but thats kinda how im feeling right now.

Anyway enough crazy talk.... My project...

Well after a very stressful day i seem to be onto something, it seems like its coming together, i now know which fabric and approx how much i will need and i know approx how much this is going to cost me..Carrie+organisation? nah.. i really mean it when i say 'approx' :)

A few things from this evening...

I like the tight pleats but the loose ones are great becuase i can trap things in between and they are still visible.... a work in prgress i know but i feel quite excited about the direction im going in.

Time for bed i think, woah its late!
sleep time

Sunday, 29 March 2009

What have i done today?

....Nothing thats what! maybe i have creative block, or maybe im still stressed. Im having a negative and unproductive day.
I tried a few things this morning but im not sure what im heading towards, i keep feeling that im doing everything with no direction, i know i need to sample i just need some idea of a final goal to justify to myself why im doing things (that kinda makes sense to me even if i it doesnt to you)

My house is a bit of a state still and my work area is soooo overcrowded with mess, i took all my work downstairs and laid it out on the floor so i could look at it as a whole without all the chaos surrounding it. It hepled a bit because i found i few samples i forgot about, but im still no further ahead. Im definatly putting too much pressure on myself to come up with something fantastic for my degree show, think im just going to relax and try and enjoy it without worrying to much about my mark.
Its 24 time now i think, then a nice bath maybe
carrie xxxxx
p.s heres a nice pic of when i was nice and warm and relaxed on the beach in San Deigo. Happy times :)

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Afflecks palace

We had a fun if not slightly cold trip to Manchester today Me, Jeremy(my one and only) and Emma (my partner in crime) wanted to check out Afflecks, mainly to check out shop rental prices for when we graduate and attempt to conquer the business world! They are OK actually and im really excited as the manager seemed quite positive. Its been a stressful few weeks and it was nice to get excited again! all work and no play makes Carrie one stressed gal.

There are some really cool shops and some quirky people about we even saw Woodchip Boutique who have frequented our SU for the last few weeks, they were braving it outside on one of the stalls (wouldn't really fancy doing that on a day like today, i like the warm!).

I'm planning a full day of sampling tomorrow, why is it i always find a distraction from my degree work? its not like i don't want to do it.... hmmm.

Degree project!

My project is based on deconstruction, possibly because my house as almost been demolished and re built over the last year, but who knows how the mind works, all i know is that I'm obsessed with demolished or part demolished buildings at the moment, seeing the fabric of them on display along with he disarray of bent metal and rubble all around, for me its not about who lived there or what is was used for, I'm just fascinated by the visual image of what is left (wow this really helps put into words what I'm thinking)

...anyway, I'm very into my recycling at the moment doing my bit and all that! but giving all my plastic/glass/paper etc to the council to get rid of is one thing, I'm more interested in how i can use reclaimed materials (ie things that would usually end up in landfill) in my creative work. I think iv given myself a challenge as it does potentially limit me in some ways but i think its worth doing 'something rather than nothing' as i like to say!

i think this is all i can manage for now...my eyes hurt! ill put a few pictures up soon when i find some samples that are not too embarrassing for the world to see!
Carrie x