Tuesday, 8 December 2009

LACI exhibition

I went to see the LACI exhibition today, im really happy with how my work has been displayed. Some amazing work from other graduates in the north west!
Ill pop in again and take some pictures for you guys to see :)

Im also setting up an etsy page today to sell my new batch of fascinators, so fingers crossed i sell some fror christmas.

We bought our first christmas tree today, im very excited and have decorated it in white silver and gold :) It was very hard to find nice decorations this year also stars or angels for the top were few and far between!

I have some lovely knot wrapped presents under it, along with the usual shiny's from my nanna :)
We have some yummy smelling christmas candles too which im going to steal away to the bathroom soon for a beautiful Lushie bath with No Name bubble bar and Cinders crackling ballistic! Best bath in the world i promise you!

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