Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sculptural sculpting

The final piece in its early but together stages. Still have some things to add and figure out but it seems to be forming well. Iv had some interesting comments abouts its appearence.
1 It looks like a sci fi worm thing
2. It looks like something from a film that eats people.
3. It looks like a childs play tunnel
4. It looks like a shell
I actually like the idea of it devouring someone in the exhibition, made me laugh, i was playing with it today actually and pretended it was eating me. We needed a good laugh.
Hey if you think it looks like something inparticular leave a comment, i love how people see it in so many different ways, none of them have yet related to where the inspiration actually came from. I thinks its evolved way beyond my initial research.


  1. You know your work is insane right? Completely brilliant, I've got to feature your pieces on my blog.
    Can I?
    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons X

    PS...Have a happy weekend love!

  2. Yeah go for it and thanks you made my day! just pop my name and blog in there for me :)
    carrie xxx