Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesdays junk lovin!

Second post of the day, i am catching up!
Lovely old sewing repair kit given to me by a friend, it has all the pieces still, i dont think i could bring myself to use it though its too precious!

Join the Junk Love club and post about your favourite junky treasures!
Untill next week

Eight brooches later.....

Im slightly late with my weekly target, i had intended to make five fascinators by the 18th april, but i decided on brooches instead and made eight of the little lovelies!
Look out for them in my Etsy shop!
Here are the fruits of my labour this last week (and a bit).

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Time flys away..

Im so sorry iv been a very poor blogger recently! Im not sure where the time went. A little update then..
  • My sculpture's are still in the LACI exhibition at The Platform Gallery in Clitheroe (uk).
  • I have had a little holiday from work
  • I went home to Hull for a few days to see my family and catch up with some friends
  • Iv been to poole again for another managers meeting
  • Iv done some more work on my house (stripping wall paper etc!)
  • I made a fascinator for a friend for Aintree Races!
  • I went Pole dancing (i do this weekly at my local gym, i have already noticed a difference in my strength and tone after 1.5 hrs per week for 6 weeks :)
  • I climbed mt snowdon! (with my boyfriend Jeremy, i think iv caught the climbing bug!
  • I read Girl with a one track mind, by Abbey Lee
  • I started reading a book called Focus, its about being more focused to get the most out of life.
  • Im back to my working reality
Im positve that this week will be a more productive one in terms of The Crafty Creations Of Carriemariah.
I will endevour to make 5 fascinators this week (if i set a goal hopefully this will help me to focus better).
I also intend to update my blog twce a week and catch up with Link Love on Facebook.
Ill leave it there for now (ned to set realistic goals around my 40hr working week)
Heres a little look at some views from Mt Snowdon!

Ta ta for now xx