Friday, 17 April 2009

Blue hands.

The exhibition prep is looming and with less than one teaching week left after the easter hols the pressure is on!
These last few weeks have been tough but everything is slowly starting to make sense. I have dyed and sewn my way through the month and im not stopping yet! Everything is go go go.
Im probably about half way through my final piece, its not perfect but hey.. some of the best ideas come from the worst mistakes...... dont they?
I managed to find time to actually relax yesterday, i did nothing all day and it felt good, im pretty exhausted!
Money is becoming tight and all i seem to do is buy things for my project, maybe i should sell some shoes?

I have a few sample pics to put up this time, i have had a some more ideas from looking at my work through a lense, it kinda makes you see it in many ways instead of just the one.

Ok thats enough for now i think, Jeremy is cooking up a storm tonight so i better get this sewing finished.

Just playing with a few ideas..

Dyed fabric ready for the final piece

Inside a sample piece.


  1. great photos, I can't find any dylon cold dyes I think they stopped making it.
    Your stuff look good.

  2. Wow one word--- talent
    I can't enough of the sewing machine and general creative tools at the mo.
    I've so much to do, hmm probably should get on with it LOL
    PeAce & BoWs...
    PrettyneOns X

  3. hey guys, thanks for the comments, always appreciated. Things are coming together now the final piece is emerging slowly!
    Im really enjoying it, ill get some pics up soon of the piece so far. Exhibition time soon! scary... eeek!