Sunday, 30 August 2009

final pieces (which i forgot to put on before) :)

Why am i finding it difficult to blog at the moment? ok so im very busy working full time and trying to get creative! its so difficult when you have no deadline or anyone motivating you. I might just hammer on the university doors and beg them to let me back in, or i could just walk in and ask politely to use some of the equipment... hmmm yes better idea!

I saw one of my lecturers yesterday and she said i could pop in anytime which is a weight off my mind, my sculptures and my tiny work space (which is currently also my bathroom.. not nice) do not play well together!
I have a few exhibitions lined up!
6-8th November09, TechnoCentre Coventry

1st- 9th December09, PAD gallery Preston (LACI)
April 2010, Platform gallery Clitheroe(LACI)

Im really excited to be exhibiting, just need to get cracking with some more sculptural sculpting, in the mean time here are the finished results of my project and the pieces that i will be taking to the exhibitions with me and a few others from London.

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