Saturday, 28 March 2009

Afflecks palace

We had a fun if not slightly cold trip to Manchester today Me, Jeremy(my one and only) and Emma (my partner in crime) wanted to check out Afflecks, mainly to check out shop rental prices for when we graduate and attempt to conquer the business world! They are OK actually and im really excited as the manager seemed quite positive. Its been a stressful few weeks and it was nice to get excited again! all work and no play makes Carrie one stressed gal.

There are some really cool shops and some quirky people about we even saw Woodchip Boutique who have frequented our SU for the last few weeks, they were braving it outside on one of the stalls (wouldn't really fancy doing that on a day like today, i like the warm!).

I'm planning a full day of sampling tomorrow, why is it i always find a distraction from my degree work? its not like i don't want to do it.... hmmm.


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  3. pressure, pressure, PRESSURE!!
    thats why we dont do it...and its only put on by ourselves!