Sunday, 29 March 2009

What have i done today?

....Nothing thats what! maybe i have creative block, or maybe im still stressed. Im having a negative and unproductive day.
I tried a few things this morning but im not sure what im heading towards, i keep feeling that im doing everything with no direction, i know i need to sample i just need some idea of a final goal to justify to myself why im doing things (that kinda makes sense to me even if i it doesnt to you)

My house is a bit of a state still and my work area is soooo overcrowded with mess, i took all my work downstairs and laid it out on the floor so i could look at it as a whole without all the chaos surrounding it. It hepled a bit because i found i few samples i forgot about, but im still no further ahead. Im definatly putting too much pressure on myself to come up with something fantastic for my degree show, think im just going to relax and try and enjoy it without worrying to much about my mark.
Its 24 time now i think, then a nice bath maybe
carrie xxxxx
p.s heres a nice pic of when i was nice and warm and relaxed on the beach in San Deigo. Happy times :)

1 comment:

  1. Don't be down, don't be grey.
    Prestons rain will go away.
    Chin up love! x