Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Its all over..

Well thats it, i have officially handed in all work and uni is over. Im a little sad but definately relieved to have that project finished.

Our degree shows opens on the 12th june, in the victoria building at the university of central lancashire, at around 4pm for the world to see. It will be open for one week to let the public cast their critical eyes over our 'masterpieces'.... scary....

But what to do now??? Im sick of working boring temporary jobs that zap my creativity, i need to create and design and be free. With the current lack of graduate positions, opportunities are few and far between.

My friend emma and i have Tramps Garden which is a sustainable bag making business and lifestyle, but with lack of funds it will be hard to get going. Plus we would probably have to have another temporary job alongside so we can afford to eat and other important things like that.

The world at the minute is open for us to have a paddle around in and find our depths, its just a bit scary being in the first few days of our graduate lives.

I think ill ponder some more now, ill put the final images of my sculptures up soon for you guys to see

meanwhile.... if you hear of any opportunities for creatives in the north west of england.. think of me :) xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hello, best of luck love! I was in that position this time last year I done a textile surface design degree.
    The lack of grad jobs is nothing but disgusting, I've lost count of CV's I've sent off to no avail though.
    I've done a few internships too, word of advice don't bother with them, its pure slave labor.

    I know what you mean about being free and creative as well I hate juggling mundane non creative jobs alongside designing. It definitely sucks all inspiration out of you too!

    I'd be more then happy to feature your designs on my blog if you like? That's what my blog is all about people like us!
    Let me know drop me email--- prettyneons@live.com

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons x

  2. nice to know ur blog. it's lovely. So, i put my name on ur followers list, maybe you could follow mine too. Great to see ya!