Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tears and tantrums....

Well i have come to the conclusion that i am unstable, im happy, im sad, im excited, im fed up, im laughing, im crying... iys been an emotional day. I cant handle any more pressure i find myself flying off the handle in one way or another at the smallest things, whats going on? its like someone has stolen me and sent me somewhere to watch this alien creature control my body.... extreme i know but thats kinda how im feeling right now.

Anyway enough crazy talk.... My project...

Well after a very stressful day i seem to be onto something, it seems like its coming together, i now know which fabric and approx how much i will need and i know approx how much this is going to cost me..Carrie+organisation? nah.. i really mean it when i say 'approx' :)

A few things from this evening...

I like the tight pleats but the loose ones are great becuase i can trap things in between and they are still visible.... a work in prgress i know but i feel quite excited about the direction im going in.

Time for bed i think, woah its late!
sleep time


  1. Looking good =]
    Carrie + Uni - Carphone = stressed but HAPPY
    Get rid of that horrid job!
    Speak to you later x

  2. Ok my fave thing other then neons and sequins is pleats you can't beat them.
    This is so pretty :)
    peace & bows...
    prettyneOns X