Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Big vintage and fashion fair at the Printworks Manchester

The Printworks was a great location for this fair, with vintage stalls lining the streets and handmade creations begging to be perused. Then down in the depths of Pure nightclub was me, my stall and a whole load more than that!

Vintage fashion was very much alive at this fair as well as many lovely people trying to make a living by making and selling their wares like me!

The day started off slowly with just a few people trickling in and out, i was lucky enough to have a great position at the top of the stairs which everyone coming in and out had to pass!

Half way throught the day i had a visit from my friends Elly and Jess from Nellie and Elsie

who kindly looked after my stall for a few minutes while i dashed off for some much needed food!

I managed to re home a few of my creations and had an all round great day!

Heres a few snaps (appologies for the lighting but nightclubs with oraange and green lights make difficult working conditions!)

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New fascinators with a bit of sparkle!

Well my weekly blog target seems to have gone out of the window! so this is me catching up.
I made a few new fascinators recently that im really excited about, have a look and let me know what you think.

Autumn flower
This piece is made from an old suit jacket, sequin
waste, gold flower brooch, upcycled wool samples,
and vintage and thrifted buttons.


Little green centipede
This piece consists of a lovely white fabric flower,
a very beautiful green and silver centipede brooch,
upcycled lace, reclaimed wool samples and
vintage/thrifted buttons

Big purple flower
This piece is a thrifted brooch nestled on a bed of reclaimed
wool samples and silk fibres all sitting on top of a lovely
white fabric flower.

Well thats all for now...
Thankyou for visiting as always!
Much love
Carrie x