Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Its all over..

Well thats it, i have officially handed in all work and uni is over. Im a little sad but definately relieved to have that project finished.

Our degree shows opens on the 12th june, in the victoria building at the university of central lancashire, at around 4pm for the world to see. It will be open for one week to let the public cast their critical eyes over our 'masterpieces'.... scary....

But what to do now??? Im sick of working boring temporary jobs that zap my creativity, i need to create and design and be free. With the current lack of graduate positions, opportunities are few and far between.

My friend emma and i have Tramps Garden which is a sustainable bag making business and lifestyle, but with lack of funds it will be hard to get going. Plus we would probably have to have another temporary job alongside so we can afford to eat and other important things like that.

The world at the minute is open for us to have a paddle around in and find our depths, its just a bit scary being in the first few days of our graduate lives.

I think ill ponder some more now, ill put the final images of my sculptures up soon for you guys to see

meanwhile.... if you hear of any opportunities for creatives in the north west of england.. think of me :) xxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Sculptural sculpting

The final piece in its early but together stages. Still have some things to add and figure out but it seems to be forming well. Iv had some interesting comments abouts its appearence.
1 It looks like a sci fi worm thing
2. It looks like something from a film that eats people.
3. It looks like a childs play tunnel
4. It looks like a shell
I actually like the idea of it devouring someone in the exhibition, made me laugh, i was playing with it today actually and pretended it was eating me. We needed a good laugh.
Hey if you think it looks like something inparticular leave a comment, i love how people see it in so many different ways, none of them have yet related to where the inspiration actually came from. I thinks its evolved way beyond my initial research.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

I see a light...

....at the end of the tunnel, it dim but its there and getting brighter every day.
Its been a productive few weeks, my sculpture is almost finished just have a few loose ends to tie up..(literately).
My lecturer seems happy with what i have achieved so far, she recomended doing a few smaller pieces to exhibit alongside the main body of work, which is all great advice but my poor little hands cant take much more of this abuse.
Slightly concerned about putting my portfolio together in a creative yet proffesional way?
Im going to a vintage customising workshop on wednesday at the harris museum, which should be lots of fun and inspiring, im hoping they will get the big red Vivienne Westwood shoes out so i can try them on :).... doubtfull... but im optimistic!
Hopefully ill be updating the blog more often now things are begining to wind down, ill keep you guys updated and remember, any comments are most appreciated.
ttfn xxx
p.s more pics to come soon!