Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Junk love wednesday

Appologies for missig last weeks Junk love wednesday! I was away in Poole again with no internet!
Iv had a lovely week this week, despite it not been a very creative one, i went home to Hull for a few days and spent some time on the beach at fraisthorpe walking my mums puppy ill save those pics for another post but It was lovely been at home and i managed to have a catch up with some old friends too.

Back to Junk Love...Iv not got an object as such for my post this week, but i took these pictures a while ago and havn't done anything with them yet. So i though Junk Love would be the perfect place to put them for now untill i do something more creative with them.
They were taken on a trip to London, it was when we were there for New Designers actually. Well, being in London naturally we spent a bit of time riding the tube. Im not a huge fan of the tube, there is no air and everyone gets squashed in like sardines in a tin, but we dont know London well enough to navigate anywhere quickly on foot or via bus.

This particular trip on the tube proved to be quite inspirational. Im one of those people who can find inspiration in almost everything, not everybody 'gets' that so i think it must be a creatives thing?
Here we go...

These first four are beautiful textures i found on the platform walls while waiting for the tube, i had to be quick taking these as the platforms fill up really quickly, i got a few sideways glances from people no doubt wondering why i was taking pictures of the wall!

I love the cracks and old peeling paint so fragile and worn almost delicate.

These three are what was left of torn down posters or advertisements, i loved these as they were huge and i could imagine them hung in a gallery space. I love that these torn down pieces of wall are now captured by my camera and now probably have a shiny new poster over the top of them.
I think i would like to re create the textures of the wall onto a canvas someday when i have the tme.
Junk Love over and out for this week, if you like junk and would like to write about your junk then join the Junk Love Club over at emmaroseart and meet other junk lovers!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Junk Suprise!!

I wasnt sure what i was going to post about on todays Junk Love and then yesterday morning i got a little suprise......

A little star spotted package came through my door which i recognised immediately as the handy work of Jess from nellie&elsie. "what is this?" i thought "have i bought something and dont remember" its possible!!....
But no, i hadn't bought anything, it was some lovely suprise junk! Jess had had a little clear out and rather than throwing her unwanted away she sent me them to use on my fascinators!!!

Check out my junky treasures......:) Ill be making good use of these little cuties thanks Jess! love ya xxxxxx
(sorry for poor picture quality again this week, my lovely camera got left at work AGAIN... im so scatty!)

To join the junk love club click HERE :)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Exhibition time!

Im getting ready for an exhibition at the moment! In fact i have to deliver my work on wednesday! eeeek. Iv been dyeing fabric for the last week in the few hours i get each night, tomorrow is a work free day so im hoping to get ALOT dyed and lots of sewing started.
You may not have seen my sculpture work from when i originally set up my blog at uni, but heres a few, ill post the others once iv made them ;) x

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wednesdays Junk Lovin..

Junk Love was nearly a no go for me this week, i left my camera at work so hve frantically destroyed my house trying to find my old one! I finally found it and after a hunt for batteries managed to take some photos of my junky treasure this week....however then i realised i didnt have a memory card in my camera so would need to find my usb cable! I havnt used this camera for over a year so again more house destroying took place, finally found it..yey! Here it is....

Lovely Lovely retro curtain and what i think is a bed throw...both finds from last weeks Oxfam lock in :) both again £5 not half bad id say :)
Also the lovely hamper basket is from my partners mum and dad, they get a christmas hamper every year from some friends and they have a dozen of these beauties in the attic, I have one so far but im planning to aquire the rest at some point, much prettier than plastic storage boxes ;)

If your a lover of thrifting junky finds, pop on over to EmmaRoseArt and join the junk club!
Untill next week my lovelies xxxx