Saturday, 2 May 2009

I see a light... the end of the tunnel, it dim but its there and getting brighter every day.
Its been a productive few weeks, my sculpture is almost finished just have a few loose ends to tie up..(literately).
My lecturer seems happy with what i have achieved so far, she recomended doing a few smaller pieces to exhibit alongside the main body of work, which is all great advice but my poor little hands cant take much more of this abuse.
Slightly concerned about putting my portfolio together in a creative yet proffesional way?
Im going to a vintage customising workshop on wednesday at the harris museum, which should be lots of fun and inspiring, im hoping they will get the big red Vivienne Westwood shoes out so i can try them on :).... doubtfull... but im optimistic!
Hopefully ill be updating the blog more often now things are begining to wind down, ill keep you guys updated and remember, any comments are most appreciated.
ttfn xxx
p.s more pics to come soon!

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