Thursday, 21 January 2010

Yesterdays creations!

I had lots of fun yesterday and today making a few little things :) some are available in my Etsy shop and some are reserved especally for PAD shop and gallery in Preston UK. Im going to be takng some more things in on Saturday.

Im also planning to approach a lovely little vintage boutique in Preston called Glamshackle, they have some beautiful vintage clothing and other one of a kind handmade items, looks like the perfect place for some fascinators!;) Im hoping they would like to have some of my creations to add to their lovely collection, so fingers crossed xx

I leave you this evening with my recent collection of goodies..enjoy x

Images also available on flickr


  1. I'm sure they will, how could they not? Gorgeous!!!

  2. Thanksyou ill let you know :) hehe xxx

  3. Oh Carrie Carrie Carrie!!! I LOVE the last one sooooo much!!! Is it reserved for Pad????!!!! It's beautiful. xxx

  4. Hehe i have put it on etsy just for you nellie! i can just magic up another for PAD! xx

  5. They are gorgeous!! Hope it goes well at the shop, have a lovely weekend xx

  6. Thankyou, iv got lots more sewing lined up! :)xxxx