Friday, 22 January 2010

Craft craft crafting along...

Its almost time for sleep but i thought id post this quickly first..
Iv been sewing all day long getting some little creations ready to take to PAD gallery and Glamshackle boutique tomorrow, iv got a busy day ahead of me posting and delivering fascinators so im not sure ill get to blog tomorrow...ill try though!

Here are my little darlings of today, The first one is my very favourite!

And a little valentines treat...

Thats all for tonight folks


  1. hmmmm methinks you need a Folksy shop so I can feature your fabulous creations! xx

  2. ooo really? thankyou, i was actually thinking about getting me on folksy. Next day off work and ill get cracking on some more little things :) neeeed more time in the day! xx

  3. tell me about it- if you find some way of adding minutes to the day pleeeease let me know!! Let me know when you're on Folksy xx