Friday, 29 January 2010

Poole, Dorset

Hello, iv had a few days away from my blog, sorry if you missed me :) Iv got a different post for you today, a peak into my life if you will.....
Iv been down in Poole you see, i work for Lush Cosmetics they make lovely fresh handmade skincare and cosmetics not tested on animals and all are vegetarian or vegan products! i am really lucky that i do love my job, but anyway we went to Dorset and we had a managers meeting, we had a great time staying at the Haven Hotel in Sandbanks and had some barn dancing fun! very nice! I got some nice Pics so i thought id share with you!


  1. Thankyou, i really loved the sunset sky it felt so magical x

  2. besid the seaside, beside the sseeeaaa

  3. Sounds like a nice work/rec trip : ) A good mix. Wonderful to love your job and work with an ethical co. Well done. Tks so much for popping over to visit our blog:)Lovely to have you visit.

  4. thankyou! oh i do love to be....
    ill be visiting more aften lillipilli i promise! xx