Saturday, 23 January 2010


Yes thats right my little creations will now be featured in the lovely Glamshackle, a very cute little vintage boutique in Preston Lancashire owned by Helen Warner.

Heres a link to a lovely picture of just a little bit of Glamshackle on Facebook Im going to ask for permission to take some photographs of the shop so i can share the loveliness with you guys and tell you a bit more maybe :)

All the images on the previous post are what iv taken to Glamshackle except the little valentines brooch which is currently on Etsy in my shop :)

Iv been gallery browsing today and have some lovely pics for you, but first i must dash off and make the tea!
Ttfn xxxr


  1. That's brilliant!!! I shall have to visit this Glamshackle place next time I'm up in good old Lancashire.

  2. Congratulations Carrie!!! Loving the new look!!

  3. Thanks guys, yeah i thought id have a play around with templates! this is much more me! hehe :) xx