Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Flickr, my new photostream check it out :)

Yes thats right iv been a busy lady, i am the proud owner of a Flickr account Iv had lots of fun figuring it out and uploading and tagging and describing....phew im tired! Please have a little look and i will love you forever!
If you havnt seen my Etsy site check that out too, i love people stopping by my shop and browsing the 13 items i currently have on sale (hey iv only been at it a month, im not superwoman!)
I made a fascinator for my friend Susan today, she had a lovely pink dress all ready for a wedding she is attending, but she was missing something.... then she saw my little creations on Facebook and new she needed a lovely fascinator to complete her outfit :)
I finished it off today and now it is all packaged up ready to post tomorrow!
Ta ta for now lovelies xxxx
P.s (couldn't not show you the fascinator now could i?)
Here's her dress she bought and the fascinator i made to go with it......


  1. I love it so much. Goes with the dress perfectly! xxx

  2. Ooh I wish I had a lovely dress and was going to a wedding so I too could have a fascinator made by you! I love that word 'fascinator' and I love the things you make! I'm off to look at flickr.
    Ali X

  3. Thanks Nellie :) i really enjoyed doing a custom design! Its nice to have matching things sometimes :)

    Hey cupcakes, you dont need a wedding or a dress to wear one just a head really teehee, check out my ready to wear ones on etsy too ;)