Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Market day shopping!

Hello! I thought it was about time i updated my blog and actually try to keep updating it regularly, iv been very busy setting up my new etsy site, its getting there slowly! no sales so far but im staying optimistic, i know there are alot of things i need to add, like packaging pictures and better quality images! Im currently on the hunt for models as i think it will give a better representation of how my fascinators can be worn.

Iv recently started experimenting with jewelery, iv wanted to make jewelery for a long time then i got a kit for christmas! Im practicing with the beads i got in the kit at the moment but im in the process of thrifting for old beads and jewelery so i can remake them into beautiful pieces!

I visited the market yesterday and picked up some lovely little brooches, watch out for them appearing on fascinators real soon! I also picked up some beaded jewelery which im going to break down and remake.

I got talking to a lady stall holder and a fellow jewelery makerdown at the market, she was selling a variety of things including some of the brooches i bought, she told me about her stall in Lancaster in which she sells remade jewelery, she gave me some great advice about buying beads and tipped me off about the 50p stall further down the market! what a lovely lady ill be visiting her stall again next week!

This weeks finds....

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  1. Ooooooooo lovely finds! Can't wait to see what you make. :D
    I miss the market, could find lots there quite cheaply. I'll have to come back up North specially. ;)
    Hope you're ok.