Thursday, 3 February 2011

Its funny....

....where inspiration finds us. With January proving seldom inspiring i have been waiting for that moment, the moment when inspiration comes unexpectedly and fills you up excitement and enthusiasm. Today was finally the day! It wasn't inspiration for an idea or project as such but just for motivating me to get moving with my creative goals, to tackle the TO DO list which has been growing rapidly since Christmas.

What was it that finally inspired me?

It was simply an early morning dash to Greggs to buy my lunch before school, where i help teach creative things on a Thursday! I was waiting for my tuna crunch sandwich and latte when as i was eyeing up the yumyums i saw the cutest little cake with a red plastic heart shaped finger ring stuck into the icing on top, all of a sudden... whooosh... i felt great, i couldn't wait to get to my studio and start sorting it out so i can make things again!

Seems strange that such a silly thing can make your day, i feel like iv woken up and am seeing everything fresh and new again and filled with things to inspire me and make me happy! This is my 2012 starting right here! Goodbye January and good riddance!

1 comment:

  1. Hells YES! Goodbye stinky January...its all about the Feb. :) I'm glad you're feeling inspired again lovely. Make make make! xxx