Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Big vintage and fashion fair at the Printworks Manchester

The Printworks was a great location for this fair, with vintage stalls lining the streets and handmade creations begging to be perused. Then down in the depths of Pure nightclub was me, my stall and a whole load more than that!

Vintage fashion was very much alive at this fair as well as many lovely people trying to make a living by making and selling their wares like me!

The day started off slowly with just a few people trickling in and out, i was lucky enough to have a great position at the top of the stairs which everyone coming in and out had to pass!

Half way throught the day i had a visit from my friends Elly and Jess from Nellie and Elsie

who kindly looked after my stall for a few minutes while i dashed off for some much needed food!

I managed to re home a few of my creations and had an all round great day!

Heres a few snaps (appologies for the lighting but nightclubs with oraange and green lights make difficult working conditions!)


  1. Twas a beautiful array of lovely things! I do love those rings very much. xxx

  2. Love your rings....never seen anything like them before xxx

  3. this is a great set up!! Those rings are gorgeous too :) i dont wear rings cuz im constantly cleaning and washing up.. and also because of that my nails are an absolute state!! Never want to draw any attention to them :P my cousin would love them!! Do you have an online shoppy? Im going to go browsing and looking now!! Thank you for following my blog! I love meeting talented ladies in the uk!

    Claire x

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  5. I LOVE your blog! Thank you SO much for putting my link in the sidebar! I'm a Preston girl too! Have you visited Miss Matilda's Boutique where I sell some of my stuff?

    It'd be great to keep in touch too!

    Love from


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  7. Hello! How lovely to be suprised by all of these comments, thankyou!....iv been a little bit ill and busy so have neglected my blog :(
    Claire i havnt got the rings online yet but they are £5, ill list them in my etsy shop tomorrow! :D
    Aimee- i have been into miss matilda's! its where i heard about your lovely things even before you had your stuff in :)

    Im going to be taking some of my little things in after christmas, it will be lovely to have them in there its like a little treasure trove isnt it! :D

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  12. Wow Wow Wow! Love the look of what you make! I stumbled across this blog and it's making me want to get on and create things! Very inspiring! :D