Wednesday, 24 February 2010


This is my first post as a member of the junk love club! Im a little bit late as iv had a trip out to manchester today to buy some supplies for my next exhibition, so i appologise :)
I recently went to a lock in at my local Oxfam, this meant they closed the store and had a private after hours party. I was so excited as i had heard on the grapevine they had buttons for sale!!
Well i got there and searched for my buttons, what i found was much much better! I got a whole storage box full of buttons, knitting needles, vintage thread and even a pair of mini clogs (not sure what im going to do with those yet...)
Anyway here is my treasure for you to see and be jealous of....oh and it only cost me £5 for the lot! woohoooo!

Check out EmmaRoseArt for more info on the Junk Club and what its all about. You will finds some lovely post about treasures and more junky finds :)
Much Love as always xxxxx


  1. Oh my! That is the stash of the century! WAY WAY jealous:)

  2. Hi Carrie, what a great find. Lots of treasures to be found in that lot to be sure:)Mini clogs - hmmm the mind boggles.

  3. wow thats about $10 aussie dollars, well done!

  4. ***GREEN*** I am!!
    So green it hurts!
    I can't wait to see what you create with those lucky finds!

  5. Wow! An Oxfam lock in - I want to go to one. Thats the invite of the year to me! Lucky you!

  6. SHARE THE LOVE!!! Send us some!!! hehe GREAT find and yep very jealous indeed!!!

    xo Steph

  7. oh my goodness you've got so many buttons! love it!