Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Pretty new hair comb!

My little creation of the day, iv been asked to have some of my fascinators in a little wedding shop so i got all inspired and made this little lady!
Next step is a folksy shop, i just need to find more time...!
Hope you likey!


  1. See I would've said I'm not a huge fan of lace but I must be as your hair comb is beautiful! Maybe I've only seen uninspiring lace up til now. Both you and Jess at nellie&elsie are making me re-evaluate my opinions.....
    Loving your Etsy items slideshow. I watch it saying gorgeous at each new item. Great way of showing your stuff!

  2. These new wedding fascinators are really pretty. Great idea. Tks fo rpopping by my blog - glad you like the dress : ) whats a lock in?

  3. Thanks you :)
    a lock in is after hours shopping and maybe some wine ;), its good for meeting new people who also love thrifting:) plus the manager there tells me she has lots of buttons for me, so im goning to raid her stash! :) x

  4. last one want it, so beautiful! Plus I'm obsessed with bows my collection is ever expanding.
    peace & bows....
    prettyneons X