Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Wednesdays Junk Lovin..

Junk Love was nearly a no go for me this week, i left my camera at work so hve frantically destroyed my house trying to find my old one! I finally found it and after a hunt for batteries managed to take some photos of my junky treasure this week....however then i realised i didnt have a memory card in my camera so would need to find my usb cable! I havnt used this camera for over a year so again more house destroying took place, finally found it..yey! Here it is....

Lovely Lovely retro curtain and what i think is a bed throw...both finds from last weeks Oxfam lock in :) both again £5 not half bad id say :)
Also the lovely hamper basket is from my partners mum and dad, they get a christmas hamper every year from some friends and they have a dozen of these beauties in the attic, I have one so far but im planning to aquire the rest at some point, much prettier than plastic storage boxes ;)

If your a lover of thrifting junky finds, pop on over to EmmaRoseArt and join the junk club!
Untill next week my lovelies xxxx


  1. oooh I love fringing!
    What is Oxfams lock in??

  2. I love the bold florals! They would be a lovely way to brighten up a guest bedroom - or any bedroom for that matter! Would love to see what you end up doing with them.

  3. Love the material and the hamper xx

  4. Thanks :) im not sure what to do with them! i thought cushions but im not sure i can bear to chop it! maybe ill chop the curtain but use the throw...hmmmmm

    Oxfam has a charity shop in preston, i used to volenteer there for an amazing manager (although shes leaving now).
    She does lock ins, where after store opening hours she has a private party and invites ex volunteers and friends etc for wine and pizza and fun shopping and dressing up! Its great and i definately wouldnt have bought the things if it wasnt for the lock in as i just dont get time to shop in the day as i work 8.30am-6pm.

  5. I love your purpley blue fabric, and I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with your hamper! I am basket obsessed.... you might even say a basket case!

  6. I'm with Em the purple is screaming at me!!

    xo Steph