Thursday, 10 March 2011

Empty promises...

Oh dear! i owe myself and you an appology, i failed to post images of my work and studio up for you...
I do however have an excuse.... i lost my camera in my house! Yes, because of the chaos that is currently my house my poor camera got lost beneath the clutter, as i said in my last post, I'm having some work done and all of my belongings and half a kitchen are currently residing in my bedroom. This not only makes getting out of bed difficult for me but also means i cant find anything!!

I thought this week id make a little summary of what i have been doing this year, it sometimes feels like I'm not been very productive, neglecting my blog, Etsy, Facebook etc so i think reminding myself what i have been up too is a good start to getting back on track...

  • Teaching at Central Lancaster High School every Thursday. Helping Yr11 Creative media students make head dresses for the schools upcoming fashion show.
  • Working around 30hrs per week in a bar called Roper Hall in Preston
  • Looking for inspiration
  • Helping a friend
  • Physio for my back, due to a car crash last year
  • Attending the doctors alot
  • Buying a bathroom suite
  • Feeling uninspired
  • Feeling better!
  • Hair modelling
  • House remodeling, mum and dad staying over alot.
  • More physio (last few)
  • Working 30hrs per week
  • Teaching on thursdays
  • My nanna became ill
  • Helping with a magazine for work
  • Learning how to 'de nib' pva and 'white out' my kitchen
  • Planning for a fairtrade project in march
  • Preparing for an exhibition of some of my sculptures
  • Preparing and making more brooches for a Vintage and craft fair in march
  • Saw All time low in manchester
  • Teaching on thursdays
  • 30hrs in the bar
  • Yoga
  • Pole dancing
  • Physio
  • Feeling great again
  • Made a mini top hat for a friends birthday
  • Making a fascinator for a regular customer
  • More house remodelling, parents staying over more often than not this month
  • Hair modelling
  • Handed in my sculptures for exhibition
  • Had a very succesful craft fair at the Continental Thanks to Not Just Vintage Uk
  • Made fairtrade banners for Fairtrade fortnight with Yr9 pupils (photos will follow)
  • Observed the creative media students do a project at Dallas road primary school. They are Designing a mural for a wall oin the school carpark with help from Zap Graffiti
  • Staff meeting at Roper
When its all written down like this i realise that i have had quite a busy year so far, not prehaps so many crafty creations but a whole load of other things.
Im feeling very positive that the rest of march is going to continue to get busier and more and more productive! I already have a To do list for the rest of the week, my organisational skills look to be improving.
Exciting times ahead for me and my crafty creations!
Thats all for this week im on a lunch break, time to finish off these head dresses!
Ta ta for now (no promises this week, ill see how the house goes, find my camera and attempt to find a clean space to take some pictures)
Carrie xxxx

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