Thursday, 5 August 2010


Crafty creations of Carriemariah will be back shortly, but for now let me tell you about this amazing little shop in Preston indoor market that once was a haberdashery...

Styx...Gothic and alternative fashion, accessories and other weird and wonderful things!
Tucked away in the top right hand corner of the upper floor in the market, Styx grabs your attention straight away as you walk past the fabric stall and the last remaining haberdashery! The green and black hand painted sign tells you immediately that this shop is worth checking out, not to mention the fantastic array of colours amongst the quirky clothing that decorates the entrance to the shop!

Rachel and Gina are responsible for this venture they both make clothing and accessories which they sell in the shop along with various other labels. They also welcome custom orders and are more than happy to do alterations, what more could we ask for!

I bought a pair of hand crocheted hand warmers, iv had so many compliments and my friend wanted some in the same wool so Gina kindly made her some from scratch, now that's good customer service right there!

I popped in the other day and snapped a few pics for you, I highly recommend visiting more than once as there are always different little treasures every time i swing by!!

Thanks Styx for being awesome!! xxxxx


  1. I love the umbrellas!!!

  2. yeah mee too!! it is such a lovely shop! xx