Sunday, 11 April 2010

Time flys away..

Im so sorry iv been a very poor blogger recently! Im not sure where the time went. A little update then..
  • My sculpture's are still in the LACI exhibition at The Platform Gallery in Clitheroe (uk).
  • I have had a little holiday from work
  • I went home to Hull for a few days to see my family and catch up with some friends
  • Iv been to poole again for another managers meeting
  • Iv done some more work on my house (stripping wall paper etc!)
  • I made a fascinator for a friend for Aintree Races!
  • I went Pole dancing (i do this weekly at my local gym, i have already noticed a difference in my strength and tone after 1.5 hrs per week for 6 weeks :)
  • I climbed mt snowdon! (with my boyfriend Jeremy, i think iv caught the climbing bug!
  • I read Girl with a one track mind, by Abbey Lee
  • I started reading a book called Focus, its about being more focused to get the most out of life.
  • Im back to my working reality
Im positve that this week will be a more productive one in terms of The Crafty Creations Of Carriemariah.
I will endevour to make 5 fascinators this week (if i set a goal hopefully this will help me to focus better).
I also intend to update my blog twce a week and catch up with Link Love on Facebook.
Ill leave it there for now (ned to set realistic goals around my 40hr working week)
Heres a little look at some views from Mt Snowdon!

Ta ta for now xx

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  1. What a list Carrie - it sounds really great! *Love* those pictures - wow what a climb! and what a beautiful area! Good luck with yoru goals this week : ) I have been quite absent from the blog too, nice to be back. Do u have a FB page?